What should I do about facebook accounts?

Answer No, its not worth it because the government uses that to track information about you and your family. try not to go that route, as the goverment is tracking all emails and such you send according t... Read More »

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What should I do about my bank accounts and where shall I put my money?

This site will give you all the information you need, choose which topic and it will give you what you require.…

A question about deactivated Facebook accounts and private messages?

Yes, she will be able to see the message, but it won't have your name, it will say 'Facebook User' in black, so she wont be able to lcick on your page from there. :-)

What should I do about Facebook?

Delete your facebook account or throw your pc as you can not control your self.

What Should i write on my facebook status and ''about you" ?

whatever you are thinking/doing/planning on doing or whatever you feel like saying may be your facebook status. and for about you section, you write about you, your job maybe, or hobby, or what fan... Read More »