What should I do about facebook accounts?

Answer No, its not worth it because the government uses that to track information about you and your family. try not to go that route, as the goverment is tracking all emails and such you send according t... Read More »

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How many Facebook accounts do you have?

I love Lady GaGa. I really like bad romance song no i don't have a facebook but i'll get it soon.

Facebook accounts?

yes, but you'll need a different email address yes as long as you have a alternate email address to use Yes course you can. Use a slightly different name. Or a completely different name come to t... Read More »

How do you hack facebook accounts?

There are a lot of websites that let you download free software for hacking but you do know that could get you in some serious legal trouble, right?!?! has free software meant for hac... Read More »

Facebook help! 2 accounts 1 email?

temporarily close down your second account then log in with your first account (your original activation email would help as you just have to click on the link) if this doesn't work get a friend to... Read More »