What should I say to a girl that I don't know on facebook?

Answer "Heyy." Simple as that. If she replys back, don't sound like a creep,try to make conversation.If you notice she's not trying to make conversation she ain't into you.

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I dont know& dont care what i will be when i get move out & get a job ect is that normal for a 17yearold?

It is normal but you need a goal do yourself a favor and don't end up like me without a license living with my sister and working at walmart

Do you think its lame that some ppl add other ppl on facebook even if they dont know them?

Well I wouldn't call it lame though. But I would just be so confused about why that person I don't even know add me, via only a "mutual friend" we know. And I just somehow don't know how to respons... Read More »

Should I add a girl that doesn't have a clue who the hell I am on Facebook?

A girl who i dont know asked me to use her credit card over msn on various sites. Does anyone know why this is?

Because she wants someone else to commit credit card fraud rather than her?