What should I say to a girl that I don't know on facebook?

Answer "Heyy." Simple as that. If she replys back, don't sound like a creep,try to make conversation.If you notice she's not trying to make conversation she ain't into you.

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I am a 12 year old girl nd i dont wear make up. i dont own any make up apart from lipgloss,vaseline.?

Sweetheart - be your own person. I am now 50+ and have never worn make up. Most of my friends (of similar age to me) have worn make up since their teens - and they now look their age.Their skin is ... Read More »

Why do girl's dont quit the job?

A girl who i dont know asked me to use her credit card over msn on various sites. Does anyone know why this is?

Because she wants someone else to commit credit card fraud rather than her?

I'm a 20 year old girl who has just passed my driving test,whats the best small car for insurance,as I dont kn?

You need to find a car you like in the lowest insurance band possible. This site gives lists of cars by band : -