What should i write on my facebook status to attract girls?

Answer Looking for a Boyfriend-free Girl to make my sweetheart From-The-Ground-Up.

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What Should i write on my facebook status and ''about you" ?

whatever you are thinking/doing/planning on doing or whatever you feel like saying may be your facebook status. and for about you section, you write about you, your job maybe, or hobby, or what fan... Read More »

What kind of stuff do you write as your facebook status?

normally it is directed to one of my friends and it is an inside joke. but sometimes it is what ever comes to my mind, like how i'm feeling, my fav song, what i want to do, what i'm sick of at sch... Read More »

What does it means when girls make their Facebook status "I like it in..."?

Its to show their support for breast cancer awareness. They are talking about where they like to put their purses but somehow, only girls seem to know about it and to us, it sounds like they're tal... Read More »

What is a good and funny thing for my fella to write as a Facebook status?

Go to the status shuffle application on there and choose some or go to a quotes site.