What should u write when you are on twitter and no one talks to u?

Answer Be unique! The more followers you get the more people will tweet you, but only if you have unique and entertaining tweets. I have over 7,000 followers now, and I notice that if you just tweet norma... Read More »

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What should I write in a letter when applying for a job?

Tailor your letter to the position that you are applying for....for instance...if you are looking for a weekend position that involves customer service, say in the letter that you have experience d... Read More »

What should i write on a cover letter when applying for a job?

Write about any course, internship, volunteer work, activities in college or back in high school, hobbies, interests, academic record, etc. that relates to the work you want. Most part-time work a... Read More »

What should I write in my personal statement, when applying for a job as a sales assistant?

The personal statement on a CV shouldn't be more than a sentence or two, and at the very most 1 paragraph. In the case of a sales assistant you should include factors like friendly, approachable, ... Read More »

What should I write in an email when asking a job agency for feedback in a job interview I had yesterday?

An example:Dear Mr/Mrs,I would like to thank you for taking the time yesterday to see me for Interview for your position available. I thought it went well and I believe I meet your specifications ... Read More »