What should u write when you are on twitter and no one talks to u?

Answer Be unique! The more followers you get the more people will tweet you, but only if you have unique and entertaining tweets. I have over 7,000 followers now, and I notice that if you just tweet norma... Read More »

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My teacher talks to me on this ok please help!?

becareful! techers have been suspended for talking to kids on msn. personally if iwas you i would block him and just say you dont one on much these days. from a teachers point of view, he knows the... Read More »

Everybody talks about not having to pay for downloading from do u do it?

try this link.…

Assembly Talks for Secondary Schools?

Assemblies are often used in secondary schools to perform shows, to conduct awards ceremonies and for instructional purposes. When choosing an informational assembly topic, consider those that are ... Read More »

I am having trouble with my manager who is being rude and talks down to me. What can i do about this?

Of course there isn't any legal action; do try getting this in perspective and stop making such a drama of it all. That would improve the situation at a stroke!