What software is needed to connect a computer to a network?

Answer The "software" would be your operating system, assuming your network driver is installed. What facilitates the connection to a network is the TCP/IP protocol. Basically, you should be able to conne... Read More »

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Urgent help needed: How do i know if someone is monitoring my computer through the home network?

Router logs. It keeps track of websites & ip addresses. Don't use their network if u r looking up **** that you could possibly be arrested for. He is responsible if anything goes down, so take t... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Computer Network Security Software?

A computer network is a connected system of computers and peripherals that may allow them to work in concert, share resources, be controlled and modified centrally, as well as allowing them to be p... Read More »

My computer wont connect to the network!!! HELP?

XP Internet Connection Wizard =…Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Web Sites =…Make sure your drivers/... Read More »

Doing a college course to learn how to become a computer/pc/software../network technician. Do a lot of jobs-?

There are going to be quite a few software and network jobs in Scotland and if you find something you really want to do you might consider moving. Take a look at sites like http://www.theitjobboard... Read More »