What speed do you think broadband will be in 5years time?

Answer One thing is certain it wont be anything to do with BT! They are still using a system that was designed for a telephone network in the 1930's. In fact they are so far behind they are trying to musc... Read More »

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I made a will 5years ago and another one 6 months ago.Can i still use my first will and cancel my second?

Any new will automatically renders all previous wills void. Its usual for the new will to explicitly state this, but it happens in any case. Once a will is made void it is worthless, even if the la... Read More »

Im 6 years paying my tax and NI,in 5years time i want to go back in my country ,can i refund some of my?

Do you think its time for a minimum speed limit on motorways in the UK?

You could be booked under current laws for Dangerous Driving, however there is no minimum limit per se, more just what is deemed as unsafe.As for a minimum limit being introduced I think it would b... Read More »

Do you think that "Now" total wireless Broadband will increase their bandwidth to over 1Mbps?