What tablet is best ?

Answer I have the samsung galaxy tab 1 and 2. I got these AFTER owning the Ipad. Ipads are so overrated it's pathetic.I love the samsung galaxy tab.

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How to use a kindle fire or an asus tablet as a drawing tablet?

You can install some drawing apps on your tablet, so you can do drawing on your tablet. You can't make the tablet as an input device for your computer, but you should be able to export the drawing ... Read More »

Best tablet under £250?

I doubt you'd find a tablet of this spec for under £250

What Does a Tablet PC Do?

Tablet personal computers can do whatever a desktop or laptop computer can do and more. Though the first tablet PC was conceptualised in the 1960s, Apple jump-started the tablet PC craze with the r... Read More »

Is 512 ram enough for a tablet?

Depends what you wanna do.To play high end games, of course not. To use the tablet to read write and browse, of course.