What to Do With Flowers That Grow From Succulent Plants?

Answer Succulent plants, from cold-hardy sedums to heat-loving agave, are capable of surviving in a range of temperatures. Given optimum growing conditions, the plants will flower, some during the winter ... Read More »

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Succulent Plants With Flowers?

It's very common to find vibrant blooms, in a range of colours, flowering from your mature succulent plants. Succulents are plants that can retain water in fleshy storage structures, making it poss... Read More »

Succulent Plants With Yellow Flowers?

Succulent plants are low maintenance and do quite in dry air and soil. Their leaves, stems or roots are thicker, have a fleshy appearance and are store water, which makes succulent plants drought t... Read More »

Plants or Flowers That Can Grow in Pebbles?

Pebbles can provide an excellent growing medium for particular plants. Fill a glass vase with pebbles to grow some of your favourite spring bulbs indoors during the coldest winter months. You can a... Read More »

Frames That Plants or Flowers Grow On?

Many of the flowers and plants that grow in the garden need some form of support. Choose from any number of types of frames for your plants to grow and climb on. Different types of frames are good ... Read More »