What to call this facebook page?

Answer How about something likeBeauty doesn't define youorBe your own kind of beautifulorNo one is ugly, your flaws make you who you areSomething like those?

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Im creating a Facebook page where people can post their covers of songs I don't know what to call it :s?

Why does facebook state wrong page likes on my page?

you probably liked some of the old spammy pages from long ago that have since been deleted - now there is no way to unlike them

I have a Facebook page and an admin page, is there anyway that I can post something to both at the same time?

Nope, but you can copy&paste the same thing into both.OR you could share the first post on the second pages wall.

If I create a page (like page) on facebook can my friends see it?

Yes, as long as your like page is published.