What to do with an old netbook?

Answer Paperweight?

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What to Clean a Netbook Screen With?

A netbook is small enough to take virtually anywhere. As you travel with your netbook, though, you may find that dust and fingerprints begin to build up on the screen, dulling the appearance of tex... Read More »

What Are the Concerns With Netbook Security?

Netbooks are small computers designed like miniature laptops, typically with a display around 10 inches (25 cm) or less. They are very light and designed to be easily portable, and though lacking i... Read More »

What different types of external hard drives I can use with my netbook?

Basically any external hard drive that connects to your computer via USB will work. If you want one to take with you wherever you go, you will want one that does not need an external source of pow... Read More »

Is this netbook any good for the kids to do homework on ect,its a Acer Aspire One A150-Ab Netbook?

Netbooks are limited and there is no expansion plans for them.If you can get a notebook for the same kind of £, i'd rather go for that.Laptop specifications change often so it is good to get non-v... Read More »