What type of network switch should I use?

Answer From the feature list, taking the term "switch" literally it would need to be a multilayer switch to support OSPF. Also it would need PoE, some form of QoS support and it would need to not break th... Read More »

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What exactly does a network switch do?

It basically allows you to connect multiple computers to a network similar to a hub but it is smarter and more secure (if you would like more detail watch elithecomputerguys hour long video on swit... Read More »

What is a Network Switch?

A network switch is a device that manages the sharing of multiple computers or networks on the same data connection. Another name for a network switch is a network bridge, which is a physical devi... Read More »

What Is a Switch Network Diagram?

A switch network diagram illustrates the use of a switch on a network in a home environment. The usual diagram includes representations of the switch, desktop computers or laptops, the Internet, an... Read More »

How to Install a Network Switch?

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