What type of network switch should I use?

Answer From the feature list, taking the term "switch" literally it would need to be a multilayer switch to support OSPF. Also it would need PoE, some form of QoS support and it would need to not break th... Read More »

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What type of Network storage should I choose?

Prior to this type of question try to see an expert in providing the ideal servers and storage. In having one you can also see if what is the range of the used and the capacity.

What is a Network Switch?

A network switch is a device that manages the sharing of multiple computers or networks on the same data connection. Another name for a network switch is a network bridge, which is a physical devi... Read More »

What Is a Switch Network Diagram?

A switch network diagram illustrates the use of a switch on a network in a home environment. The usual diagram includes representations of the switch, desktop computers or laptops, the Internet, an... Read More »

What exactly does a network switch do?

It basically allows you to connect multiple computers to a network similar to a hub but it is smarter and more secure (if you would like more detail watch elithecomputerguys hour long video on swit... Read More »