What "wallpaper" do you have on your computer?

Answer This one ...…I like it and would ask you not to rate this answer down as I'm only being honest, and I didn't criticise or rate down anyone else's choice.

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What do you have as a wallpaper on your computer?

An image with nice use of colours. Try to keep the wallpaper simple that way its easier to read/use the icons on the desktop.Some really cool wallpapers can be found here: Read More »

Does having a wallpaper/desktop up slow down my computer?

Everything on your desktop -- wallpaper, icons, and especially folders and actual files, take up memory and slow your computer down -- but just a tiny bit.  It's probably not noticeable on modern ... Read More »

How to Make a Graffiti Computer Wallpaper With Your Own Name?

Customising your computer's desktop is more than simply decorating a space you commonly see -- it's making a statement of who you are and what you like to create. The biggest part of customising yo... Read More »

Due to virous the wallpaper of my computer can not chage back please tell me?

You must have a Virus Software on your computer to eliminate the virus.You should also have other software on your computer to eliminate Adware, and Spyware off of your computer I suggest you use S... Read More »