What was the internets original purpose?

Answer Although the US military developed alot of the basics, the creation of the web as we know it is usually attributed to scientists at the CERN lab in Geneva, in particular Tim Berners-Lee.It was mean... Read More »

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What was the original purpose of

For stupid wee girls to get anonymous compliments from lads that didnt have the balls to say it to them IRL. Its also excellent for trolling, keeps me entertained for a good few hours at night crus... Read More »

Problem with my internets!?

Maybe if you asked your question in some form of human readable language we might understand it and be able to answer. Asking in Martin is not a good idea, all the Martians are on vacation.

My Internets not working HELP!?

Turn it off for ten seconds. Turn it back on again.Works like a charm.

My internets messed

You may have inadvertently clicked on something that told the computer not to go there or you got blocking software or the computer is confused. Try the easy stuff first. go to my computer/c dr... Read More »