What was your first computer, mine was an amstrad?

Answer That takes me back. Alan Sugar before he was a Sir. Mine was a shared IBM Thinkpad, not a great machine but it got me on the net.If we're talking pre-PC, I had a Spectrum + waaaaay back.

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Who manufactured the amstrad CPC computer 10 points?

it was manufactured by AMS trading the founder of course is Alan SugarHTHDavid

How did alan sugar afford to make the amstrad computer?

He was not only selling aerials from the back of a van. The Amstrad company was selling low cost stereo (one hesitates to call it Hi Fi) and TV sets before moving into computers.http://en.wikipedia... Read More »

IP address, how do I find mine on my computer?

Your private IP adress or your public IP adress ?Private IP: Start -> Run (or search box on Vista and Win 7) -> type cmd -> type ipconfigPublic IP:

When a Friend of mine switches her computer on (with the switch on the back)?

Yes, Ron absolutely!Edit: Came back to give you a link to show you an example of price. This PSU maker, Ultra, is one of the few I trust, at this price,(CoolerMaster, and ThermalTake being a cupla'... Read More »