What wifi broadband speeds does my ipad3 and iPhone 5 support?

Answer There are many factors here.Most are to do with your router.Speeds will drastically vary depending on how your router is setup and what other devices are connected to it.I am guessing you do have a... Read More »

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What does the QOS Packet Scheduler do in regards to broadband speeds?

I have never used but assume that it will make a certain number of tries when there is a problem with the service to make that it is not a temporary problem and report the error.In your particular ... Read More »

How does improving broadband speeds impact local people?

Why does my Internet speeds vary from morning to night (Using 3 Broadband).?

Your internet connection is provided over a cell network. As usage in your area increases (prime time is afternoon and evening), you may see your available bandwidth drop - possibly considerably.I ... Read More »

Does my motherboard support WiFi?

Dude it's a desktop motherboard. Very rare and I mean rare that one would be built into one. The answer is no. Just buy a wireless usb adapter if you need wifi