What will be your relationship with the customers?

Answer Depends on whether or not you want to keep the customer coming back.. but, it always pays to be nice to the customer, after all, if you're going to be mean, why open a business? and, the key to ev... Read More »

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I would like to make high frequency and ultrasonic whistles with tubes. I know the formula for the relationship between wavelength, speed, and frequency but what is the relationship of these quantities with tube length and diameter — AH, Richmond, ?

If a whistle's tube is relatively narrow, its pitch is determined primarily by its length and by how many of its ends are open to the air. That's because as you blow the whistle, a "standing" sound... Read More »

Facebook will not let me link my relationship status with the person?

Try this:Unfriend himAnd again add(after some hours)And then try to linkGood Luck!

How to End a Long Relationship With Your Fiance?

Sometimes in a long relationship, you can come to the realisation that things simply aren't working anymore. Even if you feel fondness toward your partner, you can wake up one morning and acknowled... Read More »

Do you have a good relationship with your hairdresser?

I'm a hairdresser!When I did my training I had to do role plays of how we would talk to certain customers, main themes were the weather and holidays! We were told if you talk to customers they will... Read More »