What will computers be able to do in a 100 years time compared to now?

Answer The basic principles that all computers operate on were pretty much set down a hundred years or more ago. Most of the progress that's gone on since then has been about engineering ever smaller com... Read More »

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What will computers be like in 20 years time?

Smaller, faster, gesture or voice control, possibly cylindrical with a scroll out screen, or wireless to head up display in your specs, or a mini projetor.Doubt if theyll be built into you that soo... Read More »

Are Apple computers really worth the extra you pay compared to "standard" computers ?

In terms of the hardware you get Apple PCs and Laptops are not worth the extra money, but you are also paying for the ability to use the Mac OS (but you can always make a hackintosh if you want the... Read More »

It is very difficult to make cash on eBay now compared to a few years ago. Agree or disagree?

Hey there ...There are so many discussions on the various PowerSeller boards on eBay that discuss this very topic.There are a number of reasons why I believe its more difficult to make a $ on eBay ... Read More »

Instead of saving time do computers actually waste time?

They save time.. phenomenally.If they didn't save time, no one would use them.Remember, computers weren't developed with facebook, ebay, msn or other internet based items in mind.Think microsoft of... Read More »