What will they ask in web services interview Pls help!!! 10 points?

Answer I think it's what you need:…Good luck!

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Patent leather court shoes for financial services managerial job interview?

Those shoes are fine. They would go well with what some might call a "power suit" with a fitted knee length skirt or dress. (Women generally should NEVER wear pants to a job interview, but if that'... Read More »

Can anyone give me some examples of competency based questions for a Customer services interview?

Can you think of a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer?

I have a job interview soon *Ten points for best answer!*?

1. Try "safe choice" something rather dark, avoid bright colours. If shirt or a blouse, nicely ironed, possibly blue, green , white or cream one.2. Why did you apply for this job, your previous exp... Read More »

10 Points - Job interview - Tell me when you had good/bad customer service?

Once I had the worse waiter, I got a salad and I made few changes. He wasn't paying attention when he took my order and I got it with no changes. It took three times sending it back to get it ri... Read More »