What would I have to do once I have a Bangladeshi driving licence, when I enter the UK?

Answer a foreign driving license is only valid in th e uk whilst you are over here on holiday, you need a full british license if you want to keep driving here. my mate had to take a british driving test... Read More »

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I got my indian driving licence for four wheeler ,,how can i convert it to uk driving licence?

If you are a recent immigrant to UK you can use your respective license upto 1 year from the day you first entered UK. After that you need a full UK license to drive on public roads.You need to get... Read More »

Iv got a uk driving licence and i got 3 points how long before the dvla send my licence back?

to be honest. DVLA dont ask for the driving licence to put 3 points onto it. You should have sent it to the fixed penalty office to have the licence endorsed. The only reason you should have sen... Read More »

Could I swop my UK Provisonal driving licence for a South African drivers licence?

No you can not, your provisional looks nothing like a full driving licence and unless the SA authorities are thick and blind they will know. They do not ask 'stupid' questions on the UK test they a... Read More »

I currently have a full driving licence how do I get ‘category A' provisional Motorcycle licence put on it?

If you have completed a CBT you must already have a provisional Cat A licence or your training school allowed you to ride without a licence.Your drivers licence comes in two parts. The plastic car... Read More »