What would I have to do once I have a Bangladeshi driving licence, when I enter the UK?

Answer a foreign driving license is only valid in th e uk whilst you are over here on holiday, you need a full british license if you want to keep driving here. my mate had to take a british driving test... Read More »

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In a sealed car driving down the road, when would you have the lowest pressure outside the car: when a window was just a little open, or all the way open Or would the overall pressure be constant once the window was opened at all?

The pressure outside the closed front windows of a moving car is lower than atmospheric pressure because the air flowing past the car is moving particularly fast as it arcs around the front portion... Read More »

Do i have to carry my insurance.... mot cert.... and driving licence when i am driving my car?

I notice with interest that the most correct answer has received six 'thumbs down' - odd!In the UK, you actually DO have to have your documentation, but not doing so is treated as a civil matter, n... Read More »

Hi! I have got my driving licence for an automatic car only. Would i be able to drive Tiptronic cars with it?

A very good question and i don't no but as long as there is no clutch then you would have thought so someone prove me wrong or right i don't care its still a good question and a star for you

How do I get a Chinese driving licence, I already have a UK driving licence?

China actually does not recognize international driving permits. You need to get a Chinese license.…