What would be the best option?

Answer Need more info about what would be involved about both activities, and then decide which are your favourite activities and which are closer to the things you want to do later on in life. For a very... Read More »

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What is the difference between writing a put option and buying a call option?

When you write a put option if purchaser of the option exercises the option then YOU are obliged to buy the share at the strike price, no matter what the share price is at that time So the decisio... Read More »

Which bad job option should I take?

doesnt sound like any of the two are suitable for long term as you describe them.if you dont like both but have to take one I would go for the office job and keep on looking for something that is m... Read More »

What would be the better option?

i am a children's nurse and there are many opportunities for jobs out there for when you qualify but you will have to look harder for them. if you qualify as a children's nurse and find that you pr... Read More »

Whats the best option?

stay in Latvia,study hard,work towards your your age its very hard to know what you want in life but if you get opportunities along the way grab them and keep on a straight path. Latvia is... Read More »