What would be the best storage system to recommend for a fire brigade?

Answer Although they are expensive, I would probably go with a solution from NetApp. Since reliability is a necessity, it doesn't seen worthwhile to build your own. NetApps are quite reliable, and can be ... Read More »

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What are the response time for the fire brigade to arrive at a car crash?

"I can't find any information on google"Of course you wont, not all car washes are exactly the same distance from a fire station. One that is next door to one will be less then a minute but a car w... Read More »

What Is a Kitchen Brigade System?

Within the culinary industry, the brigade system provides a method of organisation in the kitchen. Each worker has a specific food preparation or cleaning duty in a specific location. The concept i... Read More »

What hardware/software/operating system would you recommend for this person?

Inexpensive quality video production says Windows. Security against viruses says Linux. Get at least two machines, one for editing and capture and one for a database/web server, maybe a cloud servi... Read More »

Are woman limited to certain jobs in the fire brigade?

Women can go into burning buildings, they have lower strength tests but are full firefighters.