What would be the reasons for a lap top to over heat besides just having dust inside?

Answer OK LISTEN THESE ARE YOUR OPTIONS.DON'T CREATE ANOTHER TOPIC.Buy some blow off (air in a can) or go to a technician and get them to clean it out dude.If you battery is dead then that can be a proble... Read More »

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How would I do advertising for my buissness besides just fliers?

Try giveaways such as pens. They can be handed out and people will always remember you.

What are reasons, besides staff theft, for till shorts when cashing up tills at end of day?

Not currently in the retail side, but whne I used to be it was very much human error which seemed to be to do with incorrect change - eg someone giving change for a £20 when they were only given Â... Read More »

If you microwaved bean plant seeds over a period of weeks while they were growing, would they grow faster or longer, and if they would, would that be due to the heat or some effect of the microwave radiation - DS?

Microwaving the bean plant seeds would be no different from heating them, except that the distribution of temperatures in the seeds and soil might be a little different from what you would get if y... Read More »

What advantages would I see an Apple Macbook Pro having over a normal Windows type machine?

MAcs are more stable and less prone to picking up viruses off the internet. As already mentioned they do cost more, and the software is more limited, as well as more expensive. However, many prefer... Read More »