What would be the reasons for a lap top to over heat besides just having dust inside?

Answer OK LISTEN THESE ARE YOUR OPTIONS.DON'T CREATE ANOTHER TOPIC.Buy some blow off (air in a can) or go to a technician and get them to clean it out dude.If you battery is dead then that can be a proble... Read More »

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What happens if there is too much Dust inside a PC?

Hello:Dust blocks air flow when it builds up. It causes the temperature of critical components to rise above their nominal operating temperatures. This is especially true for chips with heat sinks ... Read More »

Whats the best way to remove dust from the inside of my pc?

A can or two of compressed air,(depends on how dirty the inside is). DO NOT use a vacumn cleaner. I've seen on here, that many people have stated they've used one, and everything came out fine. I s... Read More »

I have a lot of dust inside my computer. What is the best/safest way of cleaning it please?

Hi I have read one of the answers said that you can not be killed by the voltage in your p.c. This is not true it can be very dangerous to go poking around inside if you do not know what you are do... Read More »

How do i open my computer up to clean the dust from inside?

Hard to say, but if it's a modern case it should open easily but some old cases (they were actually higher quality than most modern ones) have odd hidden catches and levers. Don't force it, just ke... Read More »