What would happen if I made a fan page on facebook even if I have a personal profile?

Answer you can do that i did it but you sign in as you would usually do as yourself not your fanpage then the bit you click that has privacy settings log out etc there will be a bit saying use facebook as... Read More »

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I just made a FB page but everytime I comment on someone elses page it says my profile wrote it, not the page?

Switch to the Page and than you can Comment As the Page to Do that Click on the arrow to the right over by your Name Than Where it Says Use Facebook as Select the page than Comment on it and it sho... Read More »

How to tag a profile on a Facebook page?

Facebook includes multiple editing options for your uploaded pictures. For instance, you can designate one of your shots as your profile picture or add descriptions to provide context to each pictu... Read More »

Facebook profile/home page?

Have you tried asking Facebook how to do this? No! Why have you got another name in brackets? It's not unusual as I have too, and never understood why. Just looked at FAQ on Facebook, tried to chan... Read More »

How do i make my facebook page so that ppl have be my friends before they see my whole profile?

Top right hand corner of your facebook page it says "privacy" click it then choose "profile" change it to "only friends".