What would you do if your teacher sent you this email through facebook when none of it was true ?

Answer Whilst not taking sides, I would say his attention was drawn to the fact that were comments about him on a certain website. He's obviously read them and because it originated from your account he's... Read More »

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Is it true that the bigger the lens on a camera, the more light goes through it and the better the photo or video My film teacher says that while this idea is logically correct, he didn't know if it was true. Your lecture slides say the answer is yes?

I'll assume that by "bigger lens" you mean one that is larger in diameter and that therefore collects all the light passing through a larger surface area. While a larger-diameter lens can project a... Read More »

Should I email my teacher?

Yes, you should. It's always great to spread positivity. You might really make her feel more appreciated. Say what you mean. The more sincere it is, the less you'll look like a teacher's pet.

Facebook says "Incorrect email address" when i type in the email for my account?

At first, lo-gin E-mail account than click Facebook mail.

I have recived a email from bmw promoton team in that i have won £1,750,000.00 it is true?