What your favourite perfume/aftershave?

Answer I like CK1 an ex girlfriend used to wear Vanderbilt and everytime I smell it, I'm reminded of her.

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Fashion Who's your favourite brand Clothing colours for summer What's your favourite?

Ahh!! its a nice topic to discuss with.. My favourite brands are FOREVER21 and UGG BOOTS. I love topshop and Generally choose Forever 21 for that. I have thought some color combination for this sum... Read More »

What are your favourite, and least favourite, things about facebook?

For me, the best thing has been re-establishing contact with friends whom I'd lost touch with and hadn't heard from in years, particularly people I was at school with, and that's the main reason I ... Read More »

Favourite-least favourite outfit and why?

I love all of them! In order from fave to least fave would be: would of said the last one as one of my fave but i do not like the colour, a black, cream, burgundy or purple would look b... Read More »

Hey guys...favourite non metal band...AND...least favourite metal band?

My least favourite metal band would be Trivium. I'll admit, they're pretty talented but instead of doing something original they either rip off bands or stick to generic metalcore. And their fans R... Read More »