Whatever we do/see/explore on the internet, is it always monitored?

Answer Well if you believe in the privacy of the internet then your very naive about it.Everything you do on the internet is recorded somewhere and can be dug upwith little difficulty.The biggest contende... Read More »

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How to Tell If Your Internet Traffic Is Being Monitored?

Workplaces usually supervise Internet traffic to monitor surfing habits among employees and to ensure that Internet users don't expose the network to potentially harmful or inappropriate websites. ... Read More »

How Often Do You Change Your Foundation/Mascara Whatever,Or Do You Just Stick To The Same Brand You Always Use?

i use foundation till i'm bored of the brand or it stops looking good, then i go on a large hunt (normally over a period of time and this involves asking loads of people what they think) and eventu... Read More »

Internet connection always times out?

Ah, Belkin. Yes, I used to have a Belkin54G my self. The drop out rate was RIDICULOUS if I was using wireless. I'm not sure that there is a way to prevent this, ring up your ISP and tell them about... Read More »

Internet Explorer Doesn't Always Load!!!?

Internet explorer is probably the worst browser out there but its a part of windows.I suggest that you download another browser.You have a choice.Opera (my favourite)Google chromeFirefoxSafariAvant... Read More »