What's Myspace all about?

Answer unfortunately, yes. mostly pedophiles though.

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Whats myspace all about,i dont get it...?

its a place where unsigned bands beg you to listen to their music, its a place for russian video chat mistresses to spam you and extridite money from your wallet. its a place to see people with no ... Read More »

Whats are your feelings about Myspace?

far too much spamming. the site needs a complete overhaul to stop it, its totally ruined.

On myspace; when you go to profile edit and your about me,whats the code to enlarge words?

or for the second one, it can go up to 1-10hope i helped!

Whats the code to hide everything on myspace except my about me section and my default picture ?

.contactTable, .userProfileURL,.interestsAndDetails, .userProfileDetail,.userProfileSchool, .userProfileCompany,.userProfileNetworking, .extendedNetwork,.latestBlogEntry, .friendSpace,.friendsComme... Read More »