What's Myspace all about?

Answer unfortunately, yes. mostly pedophiles though.

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Whats up with

It's working perfectly fine for me.Might be your internet.Try again later.

Anyone know whats up with myspace?

I believe they're doing maintenence on the servers, usually when that happens, notifications and counts get wonky. give it a few more days!!

Whats a good age to get a myspace?

i just deleted my account at the age of 23. i feel too old for that stuff. i reckon its ok if you're 13-20 but after then you need to get a life :)

Whats your myspace song?

Right now I have "Wasted Time" by Fuel ..& before that I had "Before its too late" by the Goo Goo Dolls.Here are some other songs I like/have used...Who We Are - LifehouseFirst Time - LifehouseOver... Read More »