Whats a good router i can buy?

Answer I would get a Netgear they are great:)

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Whats my default router?

Click Start > Run > type cmd > Hit enter > (Black window will show up) > type ipconfig > Hit enter > Whatever it says for "Default Gateway" is your default router.Hope this helps :)

Whats the difference between a bt 220v voyager router?

A router is a meaning to connect to modem and use more ports for internet connections via cable or if its wireless to different devices. The only thing I see it the 220 voltage that maybe 50Hz, but... Read More »

Whats the right way to connect another router to the virgin media superhub?

First of all, if you are using an ethernet cable, you have to make sure that it is a crossover cable and not a straight through or it will not work. Then you will need to see if there is a way in y... Read More »

Whats the best wireless router for cable broadband and best price?

i bought that Netgear WGR614 the other day from maplins £39.99,and it does what it says on the box. I had one of them linksys router and it died miserably.