Whats better crossfire or single?

Answer You really don't need two cards unless you are playing on 2 monitors with all the settings set to max and the resolution at max.i would get gtx 690 considering its the fastest card out there at the... Read More »

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Crossfire or single Nvidia?

If your motherboard and current PSU can support Crossfire then go for the Crossfire option. If not a GTX 660 ti would be a suitable replacement.

HD 4890 single or Crossfire?

Depends on what CPU you have. If there is no CPU bottleneck, I'd suppose it would help performance, although it would be inefficient, as those cards were power hogs. Also, I don't know how well c... Read More »

Whats the advantage of your computer reading multiple hard drives and one single drive?

I have 2 hard drives, a 300Gb partitioned 100 for XP with NTFS and 200 partitioned with FAT32, the reason, I also have an 80Gb with a good Linux distro on it so if (sorry when) XP crashes I still h... Read More »

Can i crossfire these 2 GPU's?

According to:…Yes, you can crossfire them. You will likely need the external bridge between the two cards.