What's better facebook, myspace or bebo?

Answer They're all good in their own ways.I like myspace more personally, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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facebook, it's so much more professional. if you are between the ages of 9-13 get bebo. if you are a teenager get myspace. get facebook at any age but it is the best!

Whats better facebook,myspace,bebo,tagged,n… or hi5?

myspace deff!facebook is boring.bebo is cool!

Whats better bebo or myspace?

Yesss...i love it!Hello my name's Elaine and im addicted to bebo....HELLOOOOO ELAAAINNNEEE!!!!!But then again bebo seems to be a Scottish thing, whereas My Space and Facebook seem to be more of an ... Read More »

Whats better, Yahoo Answers, Bebo, Myspace or MSN Messenger?

Do ya-hoo even need to ask?See what I did there..