What's causing my low fps?

Answer You got a low-end card and that is about right for fps. Look at where your card is in the table - yeah pretty small isn't it?…EDIT: Minecraft do not need... Read More »

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What could be causing this?

It could be that someone has hacked your Facebook account, change your password immediately

What is causing my pc to do this?

Must be an electric problem inside the box, maybe a shortcut between the disk drive and the video card if there is any.Try unplugging the disk drive and boot. If there is no problem after that, try... Read More »

What is causing this noise on my car?

Lisa, my advice would be to get the car down to you local garage and have them put the car up on ramps. There are a lot of things that could cause this, some serious and some not so serious.Typical... Read More »

What could be causing my car to overheat?

WHEN does it overheat? Forget the RPM's, does it overheat just sitting idling, or does it overheat driving on the freeway? Need some clarification to get some real answers.Edit: Radiator, coolant, ... Read More »