Whats going on with my computer?

Answer open the browser check the ..VIEW tab and look for text size.......increase it alternatively adjust the zoom from 100% to 125% or higher

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Whats going on with Facebook?

the same thing happened to showed the oldest ones at the top, my notifications arent working, and there is no new posts.

Whats going on with my xd memory card?

MAKE SURE (all of you out there listen up), make sure to format your camera memory cards ONLY IN THE CAMERA!!!!This should be done on a regular basis, say once a month.You will lose pictures, or an... Read More »

up for abh with intent whats going to happen?

(2-part post):Stage 1: A hearing in a Magistrates Court,where it will recognised that the law requires the case to be transferred to the Crown Court.Stage 2: A few weeks wait and then a committal... Read More »

Whats going on with income support?

I re registered a few weeks ago because I was going on holiday, which had been booked and paid for while I was working, when I came back they processed it and paid 2 weeks, the following due date I... Read More »