Whats next after the internet?

Answer Based on scientific calculations (lol, not really, from a magazine), the most acurate technology yet to come is the flying car. Yep, you heard it, dreamed of it and they FINALLY figured out the tec... Read More »

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Whats the best internet browser?

I'd definitely go for Firefox Mozilla. Google Chrome is newer but I used them for sometime and then didn't find them as good as Firefox. The latest Firefox version 6 rocks in terms of features and ... Read More »

Whats the best internet provider APART from these?

sky is part of the BT network so if you cant get them you cant get any other provider since they all run of the BT network apart from virgin who has there own, need a little bit more info where you... Read More »

Whats does mbps mean as regards the internet?

megabits per secondIt is a measure of how quickly data can be or is being transferred across a connection

Whats the best website on the internet?

Yahoo because it has this addictive feature : "questions & answers" . I can't get out of my computer because of it...