What's that blue wifi cable called, it connects computers and games consoles to the Internet?

Answer It sounds like an ETHERNET cable to me also.

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What do you call the cable that connects the computer to the internet?

What is the cable called that is used to connect 2 computers to a router and can you get really long ones?

CAT5 (or CAT5e) and CAT6. Yes you can "get really long ones".

Whats the best way to network you computers at home to play games against each other, but not via the net?

Use 2 LAN cards and a twisted network cable. XP is best for networking, cuz anyone can do this u don need any special knowledge for this job.Neo

Wifi connects to laptops but not to phones ?

If you are using windows 7 then I suggest you follow these setting to get the internet password that secures your Hub. Firstly go to the bottom right hand corner of the laptop and right click on t... Read More »