Answer wmp 12

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Whats the best quality format you can use to publish your video in windows movie maker?

DV-AVI (NTSC) is the format that will give you the best picture and sound quality and the heaviest file, but since you want it for youtube, I think you should go for the default setting - I believe... Read More »

Whats the best free antivirus for my pc?

All the free ones are crap... they have spyware in them.... Man go buy a Norton Anti Virus.. you can get them for 25.00... don't be cheap your pc is worth more than that...

Whats the best free spware to use?

Spyware terminator 2.0, free this software is Webuser magazines featured security vitals top anti spyware product they give it a 5 star rating

Whats the best free or to buy antivirus to use?

AVG anti virusorAvast anti virusBoth are free.