Whats the average internet connection speed mbps?

Answer Bandwidth and speed are related, but are different measurements of the media. Bandwidth is the maximum available amount that one can achieve on a given circuit. Your actual "speed" depends on whe... Read More »

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Whats your internet speed in mbps?…On o2 broadband premium, upto 20meg, i connect at 8.7meg due to distance from exchangeDownload - 8.56megUpload - 0.90megPing - 50msYour speed will be fine... Read More »

When using a wireless router what is the average Mbps speed?

Its fine. That 54mbps is the max amount of seep it can have. The probable cause is you moved your comp further from the source or it how fast of a connection you have. What i mean is how you can ha... Read More »

Is 3 mbps a good connection speed for games like WoW and MW2?

That's plenty. I have a 1.5mbps connection and I'm perfectly fine. I hardly ever get any lag and if I do it's usually due to just a signal interference or temporary bad connection. But yeah, 3mbps ... Read More »

Why is my internet speed down to 1 Mbps?

All internet traffic builds up at this time of year as most kids are off skool etc and then you have all the iPhone users hogging the bandwidth etc... It could also be your service provider throttl... Read More »