Whats the best P2P around at the moment?

Answer i prefer NZBs my self alot faster and you dont have to upload

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Whats ur best bike moment?

Only been riding a short time so experiences very limited at the moment but last week i did a 4 mile journey and overtook at least 9 cars without any fuss or drama on my Honda CBR600.I couldn't hav... Read More »

Whats in fashion at the moment?

like high waisted pants/shorts. and "sailor pants" they are really cute, i think

Whats the price of fuel where you are at the moment?

Whats a good business to start at the moment?

I started my last business in 1990 at the start of the last recession.I sold the business 3 years ago when I foresaw all the lunacy being peddled by the Government was going to explode in our face ... Read More »