Whats the best cheapest apple laptop/computer out there?

Answer It's funny because I just purchased a refurbished Apple Macbook Pro from the people at the IBM Certified Pre-owned Department. The guy hooked me up big time. His name is Matthew and his number is (... Read More »

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Apple tv is for the ipad is there a device similar for an android tab if there is whats it called?

Try this...…

Whats the best and cheapest payg internet and how do you set up?

I suggest this.Purchase a 3 Three PAYGo Network Android Mobile Phone ( with usb/portable tethering capability. )A Pay As You Go Sim with all you can eat data ( £15 top up a month )What this means... Read More »

Whats is the best and cheapest 4by4 vehicle?

Sorry but best & cheapest are not the same.You can get a Samaria for cheap or a Land Rover for best You might need to rebuild the engine on your hilux to regain performance

Whats the best and cheapest way to remove a slight dent in my car door?

Depends what size, if its on a swage line what type of car etc. I am a panelbeater and i have never used i suction pad to get any dent out. If the dent is only small take you door trim off and try ... Read More »