What's the best, easiest, cheapest, most effective way to BACK-UP all computer work?

Answer I bought an 80 gig external hard drive and connected it via USB. (on my pc it reads as my "E" drive) I back up everything on that. It's quick and easy and I save a ton of money and time not using... Read More »

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Whats the best cheapest apple laptop/computer out there?

It's funny because I just purchased a refurbished Apple Macbook Pro from the people at the IBM Certified Pre-owned Department. The guy hooked me up big time. His name is Matthew and his number is (... Read More »

Whats the easiest but most paid job in UK?

Try to become the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland. You will get paid millions of pounds in salary and pension benefits. In fact if you can become a Chairman of any bank in the UK, you will... Read More »

Which is the cheapest but most effective web advertising?

You did not state what your product is, so it's hard to say exactly. But in general you can try advertising through blogs.There are people who write blogs for profit. Usually these blogs are seen b... Read More »

Whats the easiest way to go back blonde?

If you have dark brown hair it's Gunna hav to be bleaches a few times until its all blonde then decided from there what shade blonde your going for x