What's the best fast food in your opinion?

Answer Burger King

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Fast food restaurant scenario opinion needed?

I agree with you! It shouldn't matter one bit if you're married or not! Maybe you're "pretending" to be married so you don't get "hit on" all the time. Lots of females do that so they're left alone... Read More »

In microwaves - you heat up food really fast. Is it true that microwaved food will cool down faster than oven heated food Someone told me "if it heats fast, it will then cool fast."?

No. Microwaves cook the food in a very different manner than normal thermal heating, but microwaved food has the same thermal energy that it would have if it had been warmed by more traditional met... Read More »

Fast food whats best?

Burger KIng is great that is very true.White Castle can be excellent at times.KFC is way overpriced but is also tasty.

Whats you favorite fast food!?

Taco TimeZip's (a locally owned burger chain in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington)