What's the best gaming graphics card for under 50 pound?

Answer Don't upgrade if you have £50.Minimum for gaming would be a nVidia GTX 650 Ti or non ti which are £90. Then you'll have to upgrade your PSU to support the new card. You have a good processor but ... Read More »

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What graphics card should i use in my computer for gaming no upgrading just graphics card?

The mini tower has a 305W power supply. You are limited to a video card that will run with a 300W PSU, perhaps even a slightly higher rating like 330W.There are only a few low end video cards that ... Read More »

Dont know what is the best gaming graphics card to buy for gaming?

The two best mobile GPU's on offer are either the NVidia GeForce 680M GTX or AMD Radeon HD7970M. A system with either card in it will not be cheap. For either just the part by itself costs almost $... Read More »

Which Graphics Card for new PC Gaming rig?

go to and u can input ur cpu and gpu and it will tell u out of ten how the game will play. i think the 660ti will be better but im too lazy to check...

What is the best gaming graphics card for around £100?

The Radeon HD 7770 is the best card under £100:……The 1GB GTX 650 Ti is faster, but costs a little more.http://ww... Read More »