Whats the best minecraft server out there towny please?

Answer :D Check out our website or join us in game at mc.beaconofserenity.comWe are a towny server with loads of other fun plugins! Hope to see you there!

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Best way to advertise my Minecraft server and my new Minecraft advertising website.?

Please help with commands on my minecraft bukkit server?

/fly [player [on|off]]Instructions: When you type this command, your client will be informed it is allowed to use creative mode fly.To start flying simply use the same controls (double tab jump).P... Read More »

Are there any plugins/mods for a hamachi minecraft server, if so what are they?

i don't think so but don't use hamachi not very good.Use nitrous networks can order a server for as cheap as £3.50 and you can download mods like tekkit and voltz... Read More »

How can I stop my MineCraft server lagging when I have a teamspeak server running at the same time?