What's the best social networking websites I can join?

Answer That is going to be a matter of opinion, you will get many answers, the most POPULAR is myspace and FACEBOOK but what is the best one will be the one You like the best and only you will decide that.

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What social networking site should I join?

try - you can use your facebook login to get access, its fairly new. has videos, photos, games etc...

Is facebook a good social networking site to join........?

It's one of those things you CAN definately live without, but once you join, you get sucked in--and then you feel you CAN'T live without it! In my opinion, I would advise you not to join..Studies h... Read More »

How can I not be so addicted to social networking websites?

Get a girlfriend. A job. Volunteer. Go to the gym. Do something worthwhile. Read a book.~

How do free social networking websites make money?