What's the best technology invention of the last 10 years?

Answer RealDollsUnfortunatley I cant post the URL here but let me just say its not hard to find ^-^

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Whats the best way ro patent an invention or idea in the uk?

You can trademark or patent a lot of tangible things - ideas can be a bit harder and it depends upon the application - and it does take time and money to do - you can find out more about how to pro... Read More »

How will computer technology be 10 years from now?

All touch screen and voice commands! And the specs I would say unlimited on what you are prepared to pay for it.

Is it true that in ten years time that laptops would be junk because of new technology?

Actually, the life cycle of any computer now days is generally considered to be about 3 to 4 years. After that period, the machine is so technically behind the times that people don't want to use ... Read More »

What jobs have appeared over the last 2 years as a result of technology.List them and discuss the impact?

Try Google. It doesn't care if you don't bother to use the word 'please'.