Whats the best way to get other drivers from driving right up behind you, besides speeding up?

Answer i usually slow down or put my fog lights on,that pisses em off.

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What countries or locations in the world do drivers have to change driving sides from left to right?

You mean at border crossings?Some examples are:Thailand and Laos.Hong Kong and China.Macau and China.Guyana and Brazil.Thailand and Cambodia.Thailand and BurmaKenya and Ethiopia.Nepal and China.Ind... Read More »

Why are drivers still using mobil phone wilst driving do they not think about other drivers e.g?

People that use mobile phones whilst driving are a danger to themselves as well as other road users, whether they be another driver or pedestrian, adult or child. These people should get an instant... Read More »

Should slow drivers who keep a long tailback of cars behind them be fined for inconsiderate driving?

Yes. The highway code says slow traffic should move over to let others pass. "Slow" means "unnecessarily slow". It doesn't mean (for example) lorries keeping to the speed limit.One of the basics of... Read More »

What's the worst driving fault you see in other drivers?

Using phones.I cant do anything about it .The police should enforce these rules.