Whats the best way to install linux mint?

Answer You can make a seperate partiton, that way you will have both Windows and Linux on your machine. It is easy, I have ubuntu karmic right now, it was released like 2 days ago, but i only put it on a ... Read More »

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How to install files on linux mint?

That install CD works only in Windows. You should not need it on Mint, which comes with loads of drivers. I just installed it on a brand-new Windows 8 laptop, and everything just works, so I believ... Read More »

Does synergy work on linux mint( i wana connect my vista labtop with my linux mint labtop)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Synergy HowTo Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)…LUg.

Does anyone know where a video of how to install linux mint is(please leave a link)?

These are not videos but extremely thorough all the sameLinux Mint 6 installation tutorial…Ubuntu 9.04 installation tutorial Read More »

I have linux mint 6, how do i upgrade to linux mint 7?

To be absolutely honest there is little or nothing to gain besides Linux Mint 6 is super stable and is the only primary distro. I run along side Ubuntu 9.04If you still wish to go ahead (and its no... Read More »