What's the cheapest computer with these specifications?

Answer A few months ago i got this one -… Only £125 and it's a beast for what it is. Look at the sellers other items and you will fine cheap custom PC's.Other P... Read More »

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Whats the best cheapest apple laptop/computer out there?

It's funny because I just purchased a refurbished Apple Macbook Pro from the people at the IBM Certified Pre-owned Department. The guy hooked me up big time. His name is Matthew and his number is (... Read More »

Whats the cheapest device for making watchable videos with sound while walking , to upload onto youtube?

You can get a cheap video camera of ebay which has an inbuilt ablity to upload to youtube. I got one for around £10. Works a treat. even has leads to connect directly to a TV

Whats with teenage girls these days (im a 15 year old girl)?

because they want to look like the girls on the mag, and have every ones attention... and be better than everyone else. if you ask me, i think its stupid, unattractive, ugly, girls think if the slu... Read More »

Whats up with these "subscribe" and get 2000 friend invites on facebook?

it's fake, i've subscribed when they said that, and it doesn't work