Whats the difference between 32 bit and 62 bit computers?

Answer 64 bit is at the LEAST twice as fast and strong.My pages open in 5 seconds.I just love it.

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Please tell me whats the difference between hardware and software and whats a motherboard?

Hardware is the stuff that goes to make-up your computer, such as, your Monitor, Tower cabinet, Printer, Keyboard ..etc..Software on the other hand is the stuff that makes your Computer work, such ... Read More »

The Difference Between Servers and Desktop Computers?

For those not familiar with computers, the distinction between servers and workstations can be confusing. Both are basically metal boxes with similar components, keyboards, monitors and cables. Alt... Read More »

What is the difference between a heat sink and a fan (related to computers)?

Heat sink is the huge metal thing that touches your CPU .When the CPU gets hot(and it does, trust me) all the heat transfers to heat sink.Then on top of heat sink you have a fan that sucks out the ... Read More »

Is there any difference between a LAN connection and a broadband one does it affect my computers speed?

Lan connection is were another computer is connected via another computer in the same place,i.e I have a laptop which is on Lan,connected by a LAN cable from my wife's computer which is connected b... Read More »