Whats the difference between Internet explorer 6 and 8?

Answer IE6 = PantsIE8 = Pants with tabs

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Whats the difference between internet explorer and internet explorer (64 bit)?

'Internet explorer 64 bit only runs on newer computers and runs faster than the normal IEif you have 64 bit IE on your pc it's best to use the 64 bit IEbut really, use chrome or firefox or somethin... Read More »

Whats the difference between Firefox n Internet Explorer?

Firefox is faster, more secure and more customizable and Internet Explorer is slower. Go with Firefox.…

Whats The Difference Between Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer?

Mozilla Firefox seems to me to be more user friendly, faster, and more secure. I used to use Firefox for all my web browsing I find it crashes a lot less and has great add ons. Give it some time ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Internet Explorer 7 and 8?

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is an improvement from the previous version, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). All the features of IE7 are present in IE8, but some IE8 features are not available to IE7. Interne... Read More »