What's the difference between Windows and Linux?

Answer Well, Windows is not as modular as Linux is. It means Linux is more secure in many ways and it has better fault tolerance. In case a device breaks up or does not work does not cause you blue/black ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Linux® and Windows®?

While Linux® and Windows® are both operating systems designed to be used on a personal computer, there are many differences between the two. The primary difference between Linux® and Windows® is th... Read More »

Whats better linux or windows server?

"Better" is what works best for you. I work in a mixed environment. Windows server: pain in the but to manage and keep updated.Linux server: easy to manage, does not require weekly security updates... Read More »

Whats the advantage of linux over windows?

Personally as a programmer, I much prefer the Ubuntu distribution over any microsoft operating system. The Ubuntu distribution (while it may a little time to get the hang of) has many benefits. Fir... Read More »

Does anyone use Linux Ubantu is it the best Linux operating system And Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Ok, you shouldnt bother with windows 8, it is a mess at the moment.Windows 7 is like xp, it's a solid os, unlike your current vista.I would go with windows 7, skip 8 and wait for windows 9 or whate... Read More »